*The actual product package may vary from the images shown on the website*
**Warning: Our products may or may not contain or have come in contact with the following ingredients. (peanuts, tree nuts, soy, eggs, wheat, fish, shellfish or dairy products.)*
    • YUHAN-KIMBERLY Goodfeel Unscented Sanitary Pad Organic Slim Wing/L 14pcs
    • Individually packed for comfortable maintaining
    • Brand new Natural Air Fit cushion for comfortable
      • With 17 Air hole reduces 30% to direct skin attach, diminish stuffy
      • Buffed Air Fit cushion, gives texture of dried cotton to your skin
      • Natural Pulp absorbent with Elemental Chlorine Free Bleaching
    • Korea No.1 100% Organic Cotton Cover
      • Organic Content Standard 100 gurantee
      • Derma test “Excellent” guarantee
    • The Seal of Cotton and NaturalTM are trademarks of Cotton IncorporatedFree Superabsorbent polymer (SAP) & Optimized for menstruation
    • 40% more absorbent compared to same company product
    • Made in Korea 


      • Please throw away the product in garbage bag after use. Might get stuck if you throw away into toilet
      • If you have skin issue, stop using the product and talk to the physician
      • Keep the product away from Infant
      • Select appropriate product based on the amount and period, and replace it regularly.
      • Moist or house bugs could defect the product, please keep it sealed at dry place.
      • Please follow dedicated usage.
      • 100% Organic cover might cause minor lint or spot due to natural cotton, but it is safe so rest assure.
      • 유한 킴벌리 좋은느낌 유기농 순면커버 대형날개형 14개입
      • Barcode: 8801166212809

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