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  • YEJIMIIN Organic Sanitary Pads Small 23cm (16pcs)
  • 100% cotton cover touching your skin will make you safe and comfortable
  • Handy storage with easy and simple use
  • Free of 5 harmful ingredients: fluorescence, formaldehyde, coloring chlorine bleaching and chemistry flavoring
  • Body fitted embossed layer adds better absorbing with comfort
  • Absorbing layer of brings freshness by rapid absorption
  • Emitting humidity with air clean cover keeps it dry & fresh
  • Made in Korea
  • 예지미인 유기농 그날엔 순면 (소형 23cm) 16개입
  • 오가닉 100% 순면커버
  • 날개까지 유기농 순면커버
  • 태양/바람/수분을 이용하여 자연친화농법으로 키운 그날엔 순면 유기농 순면커버
  • Barcode: 8809104296881

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