YAMAMOTOYAMA Shincha New Crop Premium Green Tea 50g

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  • YAMAMOTOYAMA Shincha New Crop Premium Green Tea 50g
  • First Harvest Green Tea – YAMAMOTOYAMA from Kagoshima
  • Japanese Green Tea
  • Path to deliciousness
  • Product of Japan
  • Yamamotoyama just received limited amounts of 2021 Shincha available.

    What is Shincha?

    Shincha is the first harvest of tea leaves after the dormant winter months. Shin means new and cha means tea. This new tea is highly sought after and is only available once per year. Once it is sold out, more will not be available until next year, when the first buds of the year bloom again.


  • 야마모토야마 신차 50g
  • Barcode : 073469500039
  • SKU : 101D-0260-0003
  • YMY-63227