WUFUYUAN Tapioca Pearl Black Sugar Flavor 8.8oz (250g)

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  • WUFUYUAN Tapioca Pearl Black Sugar Flavor 8.8oz (250g)
  • ISO 9001 and HACCP certified
  • Enjoy the chewy & tasty Black Sugar Bubble Tea in your kitchen!
  • Ready in 5 Minutes
    • The pearl gets ready quickly so please follow the instruction and watch the time
  • Not just fast but EASY cooking
    • Instructions and Serving Tips on the rear side of the package in English and Chinese
  • Enough serving size for 5 cups of Bubble Tea
  • Store indoor cool, dry area
  • Product of China



  • Not to be consumed by children under 3 years of age! Children and elderly should consume under adult supervision.
  • Please be careful when consuming hot drinks and avoid choking on tapioca.
  • White powder surface on tapioca pearls is starch. Large storage temperature differences can cause water vapor inside the package. Both appearances are normal and safe for consumption.

  • WUFUYUAN 흑당미 타피오카 펄 8.8oz (250g)
  • Barcode: 6927055989330
  • SKU: 101D-0267-8933
  • WL3-1607555

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