T&CE Broth Simmering Pocket 25x35cm, 6P

10.0 lb

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  • T&CE Broth Simmering Pocket 25x35cm, 6P
  • Keeps the original flavor of the ingredient
  • Kitchen Well-being product
  • Simmering broth with large content
    • g. Onion, Leek, Kelp, Mushroom etc
  • Zipper bag for safekeeping for the next Broth
  • Using instruction on the rear side of the package in Korean
    • Refer below for translation
  • Product of Korea



  • Store in cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight
  • Keep the product clean so that dust or mote does not get into the container
  • Keep the product out of reach of children
  • Keep the product away from open flame
  • The product does not dissolve to water. Do not flush it
  • The Container is sharp. Be careful of the finger cut while opening and using


Using Instruction:

  • Detach right side of the string on the pocket
  • Add broth ingredient inside the pocket
  • Fasten the Simmering Pocket with the string
  • Add the pocket for a while to make a broth


  • T&CE 국물팩 () 25x35cm, 6P
  • Barcode: 8809025968843
  • SKU: 901B-0027-6884
  • HM-73033817