Q ONE Blackrice & Honey Hoddeok MIX 400g

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  • Q ONE Blackrice & Honey Hoddeok MIX 400g
  • After opening, please store the content sealed and refrigerated
  • No Fermentation needed. Easy Cooking
  • 8 Complete Rice cake expected
  • Contains Wheat, Milk, Peanut and Soy Bean
    • May contain buckwheat, mackerel, crab, shrimp, pork, peach, tomato, walnut, eggs, chicken, beef, cuttlefish, sulfite, shellfish, as this product is manufactured on the same equipment
  • Store in a well-ventilated place at room temperature.
  • Once you open this product, you are advised to cook it as soon as possible.
  • To prevent contamination caused by insects, impurities and molds, please keep it sealed and refrigerated once open.
  • Product of Korea


Recommended Recipe

  • Knead dough: Into the round bowl add 300g of Hoddeok Premix and 170ml of lukewarm water. Knead the mixture for about five minutes with hand after wearing plastic gloves.
  • Shaping: Prepare 100g of Honey Mix into another bowl and have a spoon ready. After wearing plastic gloves, grease hands with vegetable oil and divide the dough into 8 to 10 balls. Make a well in the center of the ball and place about 1 table-spoon of Honey Mix into it. Then close it carefully so that the stuffing does not spill out.
  • Cooking: After adding enough vegetable oil on the frying pan, preheat the pan on low heat. Place the stuffed balls on the pan with their wrapped side facing the bottom and flip them over after 10 seconds. Flatten them with a spatula to shape into pancake and keep flipping several times additional 2 ~ 3 minutes until they turn brown.


  • 큐원 홈메이드 발효없이 바로 구워먹는 구수한 흑미꿀호떡 믹스 400g
  • 한국땅에서 자란 흑미, 흑임자, 쌀가루를 담아 구수한 맛과 풍미가 일품입니다
  • 국내산 꿀 분말이 함유된 호떡꿀믹스로 더욱 달콤한 홈메이드 호떡을 만들어보세요.
  • 요리법이 박스 뒤에 표기되어 있습니다.
  • 국산 흑미, 꿀 사용
  •  프라이팬용
  • 밀, 우유, 대두, 땅콩 함유
  • Barcode : 8801013797596
  • SKU : 500-0029-9759