OTTOGI Jin Ramen Mild 120g x 4Pks, 480g

1.06 lb

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  • OTTOGI Jin Ramen Mild 120g x 4Pks, 480g
  • Korean Style Instant Noodle
  • The product does not contain meat ingredient
  • Harmony of chewy and waxy noodles and rich beef bone stock
  • Deep and mild taste
    • Your entire family can enjoy a delicious and mild soup
  • Vegetable particles of green onion, shitake, and carrot adds texture to your bowl
  • Cooking Directions on the side of the package
    • In French and English
    • For the best experience, please follow the direction
  • Add cooked rice after finished noodles
    • Jin Ramen Soup is perfect for mixture with rice
  • Contains Wheat, Soybean, Oyster
  • Made in Vietnam


  • 오뚜기 진라면 (순한 맛) 120g x 4개입, 480g
  • Barcode: 645175520160
  • SKU: 001C-0077-2016
  • ST-NO1001B