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  • NOKCHAWON Corn Silk Tea, 1.5g x 50 Tea Bags, 75g
  • Comfort, naturally not caffeinated Tea
  • Produced to be mild taste, so steep longer than recommended for stronger taste
  • Paper type Tea bag
  • One cup of Tea a day, One relaxing time in busy daily life
  • NOKCHAWON-exclusive refreshing and mild blending gives you lighter move
  • CSR-The product is made to supports water hygiene industry in thirsty Africa via NGO World Vision
  • Corn Silk Tea
  • Product of Korea


Recommended Recipe Hot & Cold

As Hot Tea
  • Put one Tea Bag into a cup, pour 100ml (3.38fl.oz) of 90°C (194°F)
  • Wait 1 minute, and stir a Tea bag few times
  • Ready to serve Hot Relaxing Tea
As Cold Tea
  • Put one Tea Bag into a cup, pour 120ml (4.06fl.oz) of water
  • Wait 3 to 4 minutes, and stir a Tea bag few times
  • Store the tea in refrigerator
  • Have a Ice Relieving Tea


  • 녹차원 팔방미인 옥수수 수염차 1.5g x 50 티백, 75g
  • 옥수수수염차의 구수한 맛과 향을 즐기세요.
  • 누룽지 20% 옥수수수염 10%
  • Barcode: 8801767333569

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