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  • MIRACLE NOODLE Ready to Eat Meal Vegan Pho 7.6oz (215g)
  • By combining the comforting warmth of an aromatic broth with low calorie miracle noodles, you can now enjoy all the flavors of this specialty soup anywhere
  • Miracle noodle is a shirataki noodle made from the flour of Konnyaku imo plant
  • These noodles made from 97% water and 3% plant fiber are naturally low in calories
  • This natural fiber makes you feel full while still enjoying the satisfaction of eating noodles
  • Soy free
  • Grain free noodles
  • Non-gmo
  • Store in a cool dry place
  • Cooking instructions: Meal contains 1 bag of noodles and 1 sauce packet
  • 1) Open package of noodles and drain excess water
  • 2) Mix noodles with sauce pack in sauce pan, add 1 cup of water and heat for 3-4min
  • 3) Stir before serving
  • Product of USA
  • 미라클 누들 바로 먹을 수 있는 비건 쌀국수 7.6oz (215g)
  • Barcode: 853237003654

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