LOTTE Dream Cake Cream Cake 6 Packs 6.77oz (192g)

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    • LOTTE Dream Cake Cream Cake 6Packs 6.77oz (192g)
    • Premium Pie with Fresh Creme
    • Product of Korea
    • 롯데 드림 크림 케잌 6개입 6.77oz (192g)
    • Real 생크림이 들어있어요! 부드럽게 녹는 초콜릿과 촉촉한 케익까지 몽쉘의 부드러움을 느껴보세요!
    • Barcode : 8801062273294
    • SKU : 202-0004-7329
    • ST-SL1227

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