LAPOTHCELL Sensitive Cleansing Water 200ml

0.44 lb

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  • LAPOTHCELL Sensitive Cleansing Water 200ml
  • The cleansing water removes all makeup and impurities without irritation while it helps maintain healthy skin.
  • Low-irritation, clean cleansing for the sensitive skin
  • Tears-C a substance inspired by human tears cleanses out base makeup and point makeup as well.
  • Skin irritation is minimized to maintain healthy skin
  • Made in Korea
  • 라포티셀 센스티브 클렌징 워터 200ml
  • 피부 과학 솔루션
  • 민감한 피부의 메이크업 및 노페물을 클렌징 해주면 진정착용과 보습을 전달하는 저자극 클렌징 워터
  • Barcode: 8806036996803
  • SKU: 1000B-0046-9680