JOEUN Hemp Bag Small Size 14x19cm

0.02 lb

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  • JOEUN Hemp Bag Small Size 14x19cm
  • Essential for Broth cooking
  • Compared to normal cloth material
    • 10 times resilient compared to cloth
    • Absorb and release water faster
  • Cuts ultraviolet lay
  • Cuts Electromagnetic
  • Anti-Bacterial and Anti-poisoning
    • Control mold
  • No harm to human body makes various usage
    • Can be used for simmering broth
    • Cover the food on top in Summer outside
    • Steam Dumpling, Sweet Potato, Potato or other crops
  • Product of Korea



  • Use hand and cold water to clean
  • Use neutralizer when washing
  • Do not wash with other stuffs
  • Dry firmly


  • 더조은생활 삼베주머니 () 14x19cm
  • Barcode: 8809414279048
  • SKU: 901B-0028-7904
  • KT1-27904