JOEUN Korean Style Popcorn 5.99oz (170g)

0.37 lb
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    • JOEUN Korean Style Popcorn 5.99oz (170g)
    • Nostalgic chip for Korean elders
      • In the hard time of post-war, Korean Popcorn was affordable yet fulfilling chip
    • Also known as Boomcorn for the cannon-like sound to make it
    • Because of minimized humidity, Korean Popcorn has superior expirary date
    • Popped corn is mostly made out of corn
      • Not designed for losing weight. Korean Popcorn has high calories
    • Keep in dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.
    • Product of Korea
    • 좋은 품질/ 좋은 과자 고향의 맛 강냉이 5.99oz (170g)
    • 헝그리 강냉이, 돌아온 강냉이
    • Barcode : 8801797000363
    • SKU: 200-0019-0036
    • ST-SJ1001