JINMI Black Bean Paste 300g

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  • JINMI Black Bean Paste 300g
  • HACCP certified
  • For 7 – 8 servings
  • Traditional flavor of over 70 years
  • Recommended Recipe on the rear side of the package in Korean, Chinese, and English
    • If covered by Nutrition Facts, refer below for English script
  • Store in cool place
    • Refrigerate after opening
  • Contains Wheat and Soybean
  • Product of Korea


Recommended Recipe



JINMI Black Bean Paste (Chunjang) (300g), Potato (300g), Onion (300g), Carrot (150g), Squash (100g), Weish Onion, meat (pork or beef, 250g), cooking oil (5Tsp), 4 glasses of water (800ml), starch (starch powder, 3Tsp)


  • Cut the meat and vegetables into pieces, add 2Tsp of cooking oil and stir-fry.
  • Pour in 3Tsp of cooking oil and stir-fry the black bean paste and boil it until the vegetables get fully cooked.
  • Once the vegetables are cooked dissolve 3 Tsp of starch or starch powder & ½ glass of water and boil the mixture for about 2 minutes.
  • Then pour it over rice or noodles
    • If the amount of water is reduced, and no starch is added after pouring chopped vegetables, “Ganjjajang’ is cooked.
    • In case seafood (e.g. squid, sea slug, shrimp, etc) is added, you will get ‘Samseon Jjajang’


  • 진미 진미춘장 오리지널 300g
  • Barcode: 8801389031034
  • SKU: 602-0041-3103
  • KT1- 03103

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