Instant Meal Pack

2.2 lb
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Find easy, concise and belly warming meals within this meal bundle to treat your hardworking tastebuds. This is the perfect collection for you to unravel Korea’s ultimate comfort food in the coziness of your home!
Savor this Instant Meal Pack from Korea, which includes porridge & tteokbokki! 
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Each Instant Meal Pack includes:
  • Bibigo Rice Porridge with Abalone
    • Tender abalone, rice and mushrooms simmered in a deep flavorful broth
    • Quality You Can Taste
      • 100% Korean rice
      • Deep, savory broth
      • Tender abalone and flavorful mushrooms
    • 1 serving
    • Microwavable 1min 30sec
    • Store at room temperature
    • Spoon included
  • Dongwon tteokbokki - Hot Spicy
    • Stick-shaped rice cake with hot spicy sauce
  • Dongwon tteokbokki - Spicy & Sweet
    • Stick-shaped rice cake with spicy and sweet sauce
  • Dongwon tteokbokki - Cheese
    • Stick-shaped rice cake with cheese and spicy sauce


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