HANSANG Ginseng Chicken Stew 28.21oz (1.76lb) 800g

1.76 lb
  • HANSANG Ginseng Chicken Stew 28.21oz (1.76lb) 800g
  • Ginseng Chicken Stew
    • Whole chicken stuffed with rice, ginseng, jujube, garlic, onion and seasoned vegetable broth
  • Inspection GIA 15001 certified in Korea
  • Cooking instruction on the rear side of the package in Korean and English
    • Both for Boiling and Microwave
  • Traditional Korean food in easier manner
    • People gained energy from Ginseng and Chicken to survive scorching sunlight of Summer
  • Keep room temperature
  • Contains Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), Garlic and Ginger
  • Product of Korea



  • Pay attention on the overheat of heating equipment during the cooking process.
  • Lift the cooked immediately after opening the package.
  • Do not microwave the product in pouch, or it may cause electrical disorder of microwave oven.


  • 한상 삼계탕 28.21oz (1.76lb) 800g
  • Barcode: 761898700174
  • SKU: 302-0059-0017
  • ST-EC1685

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