GILIM TOM'S FARM Injeolmi Almond 190g

0.42 lb

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  • GILIM TOM'S FARM Injeolmi Almond 190g
  • Injeolmi is traditional Korean chewy rice cake with steamed powdered dried beans
  • Perfect side dish with beer for adults
  • Good light snack for children
  • Savory Sweet flavor and taste of Injeolmi flour
    • Not just taste, but shape like Injeolmi
  • Comfortable and Safe storage with Zipper closure
  • Store in dry place. Avoid direct Sunlight
  • Contains Milk, Soybean, Wheat and Almond
  • Product of Korea


  • 길림양행 톰스 인절미 아몬드 190g
  • Barcode: 8809617943494
  • SKU: 207-0062-4349
  • ST-GC7037