GILIM TOM'S Farm Honey Butter Almond 210g

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  • GILIM TOM'S Farm Honey Butter Almond 210g (7.40oz)
  • Flagship Product of GILIM TOM'S Farm Almond series
  • The first Honey butter taste on Nut industry
  • Sweetness made out of Korean honey instead of sugar
  • Taste that will serve every family members
    • Sweet for young children who dislike normal almonds,
    • Good refresher for study-hard students
    • Perfect side menu for adults with beer
  • Comfortable and Safe storage with Zipper closure
  • Store in dry place. Avoid direct Sunlight
  • Contains Almond, Milk and Soybean
  • Product of Korea

  • 길림양행 톰스 허니버터맛 아몬드 210g (7.40oz)
  • Barcode: 8809022209697
  • SKU: 207-0053-0969
  • ST-GC7002

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