GAHWA Green Tea Shower Towel
GAHWA Green Tea Shower Towel

GAHWA Green Tea Shower Towel


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  • GAHWA Green Tea Shower Towel
  • Follow with the Crimp Finishing, embossing side provides the fresh massage effect.
  • Refreshing foam gently yet thoroughly cleans with small amount of soap and body cleanser.
  • Coarse surface works quickly and gently to thoroughly remove trace of impurities.
  • Made in Korea



  • Rinse and dry after use to reduce bacteria
  • Rub with excessive force might harm your skin. Do not rub one spot for too long.
  • To keep the product quality and design, please separate from other laundry and wash it with your hands.
  • Dehydrate after usage could cause size shrink


  • 가화 녹차 샤워타월
  • Barcode : 8804303305013
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