FRESH BEAN HOUSE Adlay (CoixLacryma-jobi) Powder 600g

1.32 lb

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  • FRESH BEAN HOUSE Adlay (CoixLacryma-jobi) Powder 600g
  • No sugar added
  • Product Features:
    • Low-temperature baking and grinding, and instantaneous steam sterilization
    • Low-temperature crushing and molecule refining technology
    • Whole course automatic vacuum filling and packing
    • Manufacturing and production under strict quality control.
  • Blending instructions on the side of the container
  • Ingredient: Adlay (CoixLacryma-jobi)
  • Made in Taiwan

Preserving Method:

  • Please state at a cool and dry place
  • 프레쉬 빈 하우스 율무 가루 600g
  • 紅薏仁粉
  • 欣園食品
    • 鮮豆屋
  • 自然天然‧安心放心
  • Barcode: 4710415050342
  • SKU: 101D-0289-5034
  • TF-H0135