DONGWON Fried Green Laver 70g

0.15 lb
  • DONGWON Fried Green Laver 70g
  • HACCP certified
  • Good raw ingredient + Fry twice = Crunchy Savory Laver
    • Separately fried lavers to keep both Savory & Mildness taste
    • Once in a 100°C so the laver soaks up the seasoning
    • Fermented 24 hours between frying to spread well the flavor
    • Twice in a 300°C to give Extra crunch and savory
  • Three layered Inspection system (TIS) of DONGWON
    • Sending Laver expert for top tier ingredient
    • Carefully selected laver matches the regulatory
    • Keep the high quality to the last sheet of laver
  • Suggested uses:
    • Side dish for the meal
    • Additional flavor for children rice balls
    • Authentic and mild side for the beer
  • Zipper bag for easier safe keeping for the next time
  • Product of Korea
  • 동원 양반 파래돌김볶음 70g
  • Barcode: 8801047225102
  • SKU: 301-0062-2510
  • ST-HD3103