DONGWON Dongwon Tuna with Hot Pepper Sauce (150g x 3 Cans), 450g

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  • DONGWON Dongwon Tuna with Hot Pepper Sauce (150g x 3 Cans), (450g)
  • Combination of Mild Healthy Tuna & Spicy pepper sauce
  • Enjoy the fresh and savory taste of tuna fish
      • Fresh texture thanks to instant freezing right after caught on board
      • Directly caught by DONGWON in the Pacific
      • Enjoy the healthy DONGWON Tuna
          • Low in fat and high in Omega-3, Vitamin and Protein
          • Contains DHA, primary structural component of human brain and skin
          • No.1 seller Tuna can in Korea
            • In average, every Korean consumed 6.1 can annually
            • Since 1982, Dongwon sold Tuna can able to circle the Earth over 7 rounds
          • Forget the Calories and want some tasty side dish?
            • Get rid of the oil included in the can.
            • May use the oil to give some sea food flavor to stew (spicy flavor stew recommended)
            • Add 1Tsp of Mayonnaise and mix it well
          • Excellent addition for salads, sandwiches, stews stews and fried rice
          • Contains Fish(Tuna) and Soybean
          • Product of Korea

          • 동원 고추참치 3개입 (150g x 3 Cans), 450g
          • 대한민국 대표참치 Since 1982
          • Barcode: 8801047815907
          • SKU: 700-0032-1590
          • ST-KD1042B

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