HADALABO Gokujyun Face Wash 3.5oz (100g)

0.22 lb

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  • HADALABO Gokujyun Face Wash 3.5oz (100g)
  • 140% Increased Foam compared to other HADALABO products
  • Forget about the lotion!
  • Super Hyaluronic acid
    • Double efficient compared to normal Hyaluronic acid
  • Can get rid of Make-ups
    • No need to face wash twice
  • Considerable for comfort skin
    • Fragrance free
    • No artificial coloring added
    • Mildly Acidic
  • Instruction for use on the rear side of the package in English
  • Made in Japan
  • 하다라보 극순 클렌징 폼 3.5oz (100g)
  • Barcode: 4987241145607
  • SKU: 1000B-0012-4560
  • PMI-12676