BEKSUL Bobirang Furikake Rick Seasoning (Seafood Flavor) 8g x 3 Packs, 24g

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  • BEKSUL Bobirang Furikake Rick Seasoning (Seafood Flavor) 8g x 3packs, 24g
  • More Delicious Rice with
    • 51% ANCHOVY Rice Seasoning &
    • 24% SHRIMP Rice Seasoning
  • Instruction on the rear side of the package in Korean
    • English translation at the below
  • Separately sealed Three packages for one recommended serving
  • Fir for seasoning on any Rice-based meals!
    • Manage the amount added based on your taste
  • Avoid direct sunlight and keep in a cool and dry place
  • Contains Crustaceans shellfish (Shrimp), Milk, Fish (Anchovy), Soy, Wheat, Egg
  • Product of Korea


Instruction for Rice balls:

  • Prepare a bowl of rice or CJ Cooked White Rice and one pack of Bobirang
  • Add the seasoning on top of the rice and mix well
  • Using Hand with gloves or Rice Ball Frame to make delicious rice balls.


  • 백설 밥이랑 해물 8g x 3packs, 24g
  • Barcode: 8801007023359
  • SKU: 600-0086-2335
  • ST-PB1060