CJ Petitzel Fruit Vinegar for Drink Pomegranate 900ml

2.4 lb

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  • CJ Petitzel Fruit Vinegar for Drink Pomegranate 900ml
  • HACCP certified
  • Free preservative
  • Free artificial coloring
  • Full enough 36 servings expected
  • Avoid Direct sunlight and keep in a cool place. Keep refrigerated after opening
  • Product of Korea


Recommended Recipes

Fruit Vinegar Sparkling Ade

  • Mix with cold sparking water in rate of 2:1
  • Refresher for tiring afternoon

Fruit Vinegar Ice Tea

  • Mix with water, 3:1 rate, add some ice
  • Fresh and light mouth cleansing after meal

Fruit Vinegar Yogurt Drink

  • Mix well with milk in 2:1
  • Good substitute for rush hour morning

Handmade Fruit Vinegar Beer

  • Enjoy Special fruit-flavor beer by mixing with beer 4:1
  • Enjoy stress-relief refresher

Energetic Fruit flavored Water

  • Mix with water with 5:1 rate
  • Drink anytime anywhere



  • 씨제이 쁘띠첼 미초 석류 900ml
  • 100% 과일발효초 사용
  • 2무첨가 – 보존료, 착색료
  • 식품안전관리인증 HACCP
  • Barcode: 8801007274270