CHUNGJUNGONE Soy Bean Paste 1kg

2.2 lb

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  • CHUNGJUNGONE Sunchang Soy Bean Paste 1kg
  • Made in Sunchang, well known for paste craftsmanship over 500 years
  • No flame while producing the paste made the Soy Bean Paste with lively yeast
  • Create Depth of Flavor with Preserved Qualities of Fermented Soybean
  • Refreshing and not-oily taste
    • Second level Thick Doenjang (Soy paste) taste
  • Tastefully Simple and Savory
  • As time passes, the color may get darken, but it is just fermenting process. Rest assure for consume
  • Store at Cool Dry place. Refrigerate after opening.
  • Contains: Wheat and Soy Bean
  • Product of Korea
  • 청정원 순창 재래식 생된장 1kg
  • 안전관리인증 HACCP
  • 소비자중심경영 CCM
  • Barcode: 8801052436029
  • SKU: 602-0025-3602
  • HM-1306103020