CHUNGJUNGONE Premium Sesame Oil 5.4floz (160ml)

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  • CHUNGJUNGONE Premium Sesame Oil 5.4fl oz (160ml)
  • Rich & Toasty Flavor
  • 100% Pure Sesame oil
  • 100% whole sesame seeds toasted to nutty perfection and bottled with its complex aroma and savory flavor.
  • Usage: Try with seasoned vegetables, bibimbap or virtually any dishes.
  • Storage: Seal cap tightly after each use and store in a cool place.
  • Product of Korea
  • 청정원 통참깨 참기름 5.4floz (160ml)
  • Barcode: 8801052023816
  • SKU: 603-0034-2381
  • HM-1307106085