CHUNGJUNGONE Pomegranate Hongcho 30.4fl.oz (900ml)

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  • CHUNGJUNGONE Pomegranate Hongcho 30.4fl.oz (900ml)
  • Hongcho means red vinegar
  • Hongcho is a fruity, tangy, refreshing drink mix concentrate with pomegranate juice concentrate and vinegar that has all the health benefits of pomegranate and vinegar in one bottle
  • You could mix this drink with water, milk, or sparkling water
  • Add to your favorite cocktail, smoothie, carbonated water, milk, yogurt, salad dressing, marinade and etc
  • Why is hongcho good for you?
    Vinegar may help support the rate of digestion
    Vinegar may help absorb calcium
    Hongcho can be an addition to your everyday healthier life
    It is refreshing
  • Product of Korea

  • 청정원 홍초 석류 30.4fl.oz (900ml)
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