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  • CHUNGJUNGONE Mild Ssamjang Original Seasoned Soybean Paste 6.0oz (170g)
  • Ingredients: soybean paste(soybean, wheat flour, salt, water, seed malt), corn syrup, water, red pepper mixed seasoning(water, red pepper powder, sea salt, garlic, onion), roasted soybean powder, sugar, spirits, seasoning powder(roasted peanut powder, corn flour, maltodextrin), vegetable extracts(garlic extracts, leek extracts, onion extracts, ginger extracts), roasted sesame, spicy mix powder(sugar, tapioca starch, spices, salt, vegetable oil, calcium phosphate tribasic), garlic, monosodium glutamate, yeast extract powder, sesame oil, licorice extracts
  • Contains wheat, soybean, peanut
  • Good for Korean bbq, rib, bulgogi with vegetables
  • ChungJungOne ssamjang combines garlic, sesame seed, onion, leek, ginger, and other key ingredients to create a flavorful paste
  • There are no preservatives, and great for dipping sauce
  • Product of Korea
  • 청정원 고소하고 담백한 쌈장 6.0oz (170g)
  • Barcode: 8801052048192

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