CALBEE Shrimp Chips Baked Hot Garlic 3.3oz (94g)

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  • CALBEE Shrimp Chips Baked Hot Garlic 3.3oz(94g)
  • Wheat Puffed Snacks
  • 50 years the Original
  • CALBEE Shrimp Chips, the original Japanese crunchy shrimp snack for more than 50 years, have become an American favorite too. Made from wild caught sea shrimp, this deliciously bakes snack captures authentic flavors, including : Hot Garlic, Yuzu &Black Pepper, Wasabi, and the classic Original. Enjoy sharing this delightfully crunchy treat with your family and friends.
  • Product of Thailand 
  • 칼비 새우 칩스 핫 갈릭 3.3oz(94g)
  • Barcode : 071146005334
  • SKU : 200-0074-0533
  • JFC-29292