AsianMart's Response to Covid-19

AsianMart’s Response to Covid-19 and All Variants


AsianMart is dedicated to keeping our employees and customers safe by enforcing health and safety guidelines in our offices and warehouse. 

Our employees’ health and our customers’ health come first when it comes to providing satisfactory service.

How AsianMart is taking Precaution to prevent any spread of Covid-19 and its Variants:

AsianMart has put into place in our workspace that facemasks/ face protection be worn at all times in the workplace. We also provide them to any employee that does not have one.

We have placed hand sanitizers in every workstation for employees to keep sanitized and we encourage frequent hand washing as well. 

All offices, workstations and workspaces are regularly cleaned and sanitized. This way our employees are always in a clean and safe working environment.
It is also mandatory that all employees are vaccinated. We also encourage our employees to get the booster vaccination.

All employees are to have their temperature taken when entering the premises should they have been previously sick or currently sick.

And we frequently have our employees get tested and should any employee(s) be positive they are to quarantine at home until they are tested negative. If we find any employee has been tested positive, then all employees in the workplace are also to be tested. 


How AsianMart Safely Handles Your Orders:

Your safety as a customer is very important to us. To be sure that your packages are safe before transport, we assure you that we have been taking the necessary precautions for all our customers’ orders.

The employees that handle the packages and merchandise are mandated to wear gloves and face coverings/ face masks at all times. 

Anyone entering or in the warehouse where we keep our merchandise are also mandated to wear a mask and wear gloves should they handle any merchandise. 

And we regulate that employees also use sanitizer or wash their hands before and after handling products and packages. And also when they leave or enter the warehouse.


Updated: February 24, 2022