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  • INOMATA Triangular Onigiri Mold
  • Can make a hole for the additional ingredient
  • Special Technique to prevent Rice attachment
  • Easy to Separate molded Onigiri out of the Mold
  • Instruction on the side of the package in Japanese
    • Refer below for English translation
  • Using unharmful Polypropylene
  • Made in Japan



  • Attach the ‘hole-making’ parts to the Lid
  • Fill in cooked rice to the Main Body
  • After cover the Lid on the Main Body, press firmly
  • Push the bottom of the Main Body to separate Onigiri and lid
  • Reverse the Lid & Onigiri on a plate and get rid of the Lid
    • Warning: Please make sure to get rid of the ‘hole-making’ parts out of the Onigiri



  • Before first use, please wash the product
  • Do not leave the product near fire or at a place that goes high temperature
  • Scratches might occur if burnishing with scrubber



  • 이노마타 삼각형 주먹밥 틀
  • Barcode: 4905596150787

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