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**Warning: Our products may or may not contain or have come in contact with the following ingredients. (peanuts, tree nuts, soy, eggs, wheat, fish, shellfish or dairy products.)*
  • BIBIGO Dried Pollock Soup with Soybean Sprouts 17.65oz (500g)
  • Convenient to eat
  • Soup that contains bean sprouts and pollock gives great tasting meal
  • Its great for hangover meal
  • Contains fish (pollock), wheat, soybean
  • Avoid direct sunlight and keep in a cool place
  • Product of Korea
  • 비비고 콩나물황태국 65oz (500g)
  • CJ 제일제당이 제안하는 맛있는 가정식 더 맛있게, 더 편하게
  • 4~5분 냄비조리
  • 4분 30초(700w기준) 전자레인지 용기 사용
  • 1~2인분
  • 실온 보관
  • Barcode: 8801007628899

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