PCL SABORINO Face Mask 32ct 340ml

0.67 lb

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  • PCL SABORINO Face Mask 32ct 340ml
  • Contains 10 different moisture ingredients, includes hyaluronic acid (HA), honey, apple acid, collagen, orange oil, grapefruit fruit peel oil, and other fruity essences
  • Enhances skin elasticity, and reduces the puffiness of eyes in the morning.
  • Provides cleansing, skincare, and primer (base) effects all in one mask
  • Convenient for use in the morning
  • Leave the mask on for 1 minute for skin nourishment
  • Made in Japan
  • 비씨엘 사보리노 페이스 마스크팩 32개입 340ml
  • Barcode: 4515061186311