Udon Kit Bundle

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“One of the best soups to enjoy during the colder months is udon. Here is a bundle that provides the basic necessities for making the perfect bowl of udon soup. Chopsticks and bowl included!”

Udon Kit Bundle includes:

  • HAKUBAKU Organic Udon 9.5oz (269g)
    • Great for stir-fry or soup
    • No Salt Added
    • USDA Organic
    • NON-GMO Project Verified
    • Ready in 4 minutes
    • Product Of Australia
  • SHIRAKIKU Sanukiya Udon Soup Base 10.14fl.oz (300ml)
    • Made in Japan
  • BONITO FLAKES Dried Shaved Skipjack Tuna 40g (2g x 20 packs)
    • Product of Japan
  • CHORIPDONG Dried Kelp (Sliced) 4oz (114g)
    • Kombu
    • From Clean Water
    • Easy and Healthy soup simmering ingredient
      • Cook with Kelp to extract deep flavor for soup or stew
    • Seal the package tightly and store in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight contact.
      • Zipper closure for easy sealing
    • Product of Korea
  • MIYA Bowl Noodle Ajiromon 8.5"
    • Good for Ramen, Udon, and Soup
    • Made in Japan
  • MIYA Spoon Renge Celadon Smooth 5.5"
    • Good for Ramen, Udon, and Soup
    • Made in Japan