PALDO Premium Gomtang Family Pack, 4.41oz (125g) x 4packs, 500g

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  • PALDO Premium Gomtang Family Pack, 4.41oz (125g) x 4packs, 500g
  • This ramen, you could taste Korea’s traditional mild beef soup noodle
  • The broth is beef bone-based broth, and it has plenty of vegetables
  • Rich & delicate beef flavored gomtang noodles
  • This ramen is so sample and easy majorly packed with flavor
  • Ingredients:
  • Noodle: wheat flour, palm oil, potato starch, modified potato starch, rice powder, gluten, salt, emulsified oil, alkaline agent, onion extract, guar gum
  • Soup Base: Beef bone extract, refine water, maltodextrin, salt, flavor enhancer, sugar, garlic flavor oil, pectin, guar gum
  • Flake soup base: dried green onion
  • Contains: wheat, soy
  • Cooking Directions:
  • 1) Put the noodles, soup base into the boiling water (550cc) and simmer for 3 minutes till the noodles are tender
  • 2) Stir the noodles and ready to serve
  • 3) Add the kimchi, if you like and enjoy
  • Made in Korea
  • 팔도 설렁탕면 4.41oz (125g) x 4개입, 500g
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