Frying Pan Bamboo Trivet

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  • Frying Pan Bamboo Trivet
  • Trivets are designed to handle kitchen countertops against heat damage from pots and pans
  • It enhances the décor to dinner room, or any place at home
  • It prevents from scratches and burns
  • It provides the surface protection that your kitchen needs from the high heat
  • If you put the hot frying pan in kitchen countertop without this trivet, you will leave a mark in your precious countertop
1) Put your trivet on the top of dining table
2) After cooking your favorite food in a frying pan, place it on the top of the trivet 
3) Your mission is complete saving your favorite countertop/table 

  • Made in Korea
  • 대나무 냄비 받침대
  • 국,찌개 요리가 많은 한식 상차림에 자주 쓰이는 냄비받침 
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  • SKU: 903-0035-0004
  • DFK-KCP5008