LOTTE Chewing Candy Milk 158g

0.35 lb
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  • LOTTE Chewing Candy Milk 158g
  • Exclusive texture with "Aeration"
    • Provide Air to liquid to make even fluffier taste
  • Contains Soybean and Milk
  • Product of Korea



  • Do not swallow without chewing. Be aware of chocking


  • 롯데 폭신폭신 말랑카우 우유맛 158g
  • 밀크본연의 맛 덴마크산 가공치즈 함유
  • 우유 20% 가공치즈 0.2%
  • 에어레이션 공법 특허 등록
  • Barcode: 8801062334247
  • SKU: 203-0052-3424
  • TUP-52325
  • ST-SL2400