OTTOGI Cooked Rice and Teriyaki Tuna with Mayonnaise 217g

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  • OTTOGI Cooked Rice and Teriyaki Tuna with Mayonnaise 217g
  • To remind taste of hometown
  • Sweet Mayonnaise over Teriyaki Tuna
  • Has disposable spoon inside
  • Upgraded taste & comfortness
  • Cooking Direction on the side of the package
    • In Korean, refer below for English translation
  • Contains Fish, Soybean, Wheat, Egg, Milk and Sesame
  • Product of Korea 

Cooking Direction

With Microwave

  • Open up the sauce and OTTOGI Rice into the bowl and cover with wrap
    • To keep Microwave clean, pour Sauce before Rice
  • Cook for 2 minutes with 700W Microwave
    • 1 minute 20 seconds with 1200W Microwave
  • Add Mayonnaise and Rice Seasoning, and mix well

With Boiling Water

  • Boil the Sauce for 2 minutes, and the Rice for 12 minutes
  • Mix Rice, Sauce, Mayonnaise, and Rice Seasoning well and serve


  • 오뚜기 컵밥 참치마요덮밥 217g
  • 맛있는 오뚜기 컵밥 – 집밥처럼 맛있게!
  • 데리야끼 참치에 마요네스의 고소함 가득!
  • 맛도 편리함도 UP! – 더욱 새로워진 오뚜기 컵밥!
  • 1회용 스푼이 들어있어요
  • Barcode : 8801045892641
  • SKU : 300-0021-9264
  • ST-KO1232

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