LOTTE Popping Corn Chips ChiMuk (Chicken Mukbang) Spicy 4.23oz (120g)

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  • LOTTE Popping Corn Chips Chi-Muk (Chicken Mukbang) Spicy 4.23oz (120g)
  • Since 1983
  • Ingredients: corn, sunflower oil, palm olein oil, spicy seasoning powder, sugar, purified salt, acidity regulator, tomato powder
  • Contains soy bean, tomato, milk and wheat
  • Product of Korea
  • 롯데 꼬깔콘 치먹스파이시맛 4.23oz (120g)
  • 소리까지 맛있다!
  • 치먹 (치킨 + 먹방) 스파이시란? 하바네로 고추가 첨가되어 맛있게 매운 치킨맛 꼬깔콘
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  • SKU: 200-0263-8193
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