HAIDILAO Shrimp Soup Hot Pot Sauce 7.1oz (200g)

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  • HAIDILAO Shrimp Soup Hot Pot Sauce 7.1oz (200g)
  • Contains soybean, shrimp
  • Storage: keep in a cool, dry place at room temperature, keep refrigerated after opening the package, do not eat if the bag has expanded
Cooking instructions:
  • add 1000ml of drinking water to the pot, and pour this product into the pot. You can add the appropriate amount of green onion section, ginger section or slices, fresh shrimp, fresh mushrooms and other ingredients according to personal taste. After boiling, you can put different kinds of food you like and enjoy it

  • Product of USA
  • 하이디라오 훠거 소스 새우맛 7.1oz (200g)
  • Barcode: 850017265134
  • SKU: 601-0358-6513