Traditional Korean Pumpkin Porridge

Traditional Korean Pumpkin Porridge

One of our favorite ways to enjoy the Autumn season, is with this classic and easy to make Korean recipe.

Hobakjuk or Pumpkin Porridge

A favorite to make, especially perfect for any extra pumpkins you have laying around that you don't want to waste. It is made with sweet pumpkin and glutinous/ sticky rice, usually served as an appetizer or for something simple in between meals.

Ingredients Needed for 2 Servings:

1/2 sweet pumpkin (500g)

1/2 cup of glutinous rice powder or corn starch as an alternative

1/2 tsp salt

1-2 tbsp sugar

4 cups of water


Step 1: 

Remove seeds of the pumpkin, peel the skin and cut into large chunks.

Step 2:

Add pumpkin and water to a pot until it is boiling, reduce the fire to a medium heat and cook as such for 20 minutes and then mash the pumpkin in the pot.

Step 3:

Mix glutinous rice powder with the water (you can use corn starch as an alternative) and slowly add it into the pot while the contents simmer.

Step 4:

When the consistency is just right, not too hard or too soft, season with the salt and sugar to taste. Garnish optional.

Then enjoy!



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