Its Always Topokki Time!

Its Always Topokki Time!
By AsianMart Team November 19, 2021

Spicy rice cakes, also known as: Tteokbokki, Tteok-bokki, Derkobee and Topokki. A popular Korean street food usually sold at food carts and sold as easy to make instant packs. Here are some facts about this all time, Korean favorite!


  • The original recipe for Topokki was actually Gunjung- Tteokbokki which is soy sauce tteokbokki, and the earliest record of it is in an 1800’s cookbook called Siuijeonseo.
  • History dates it back to approximately the Mid- Josean era (17th and 18th centuries), to a Korean peninsula. The original dish was created as a royal court food, typically served as a snack or Banchan, a side dish.
  • And the modern day spicy Topokki was actually created recently in 1953, the year after the Korean war by Ma Bok-rim in Sindangdong, Seoul. She would sell the dish alongside Gochujang, a red chili paste that is sweet, savory and spicy.

Variations and how its served: 

  • Traditional Topokki is spicy rice cakes typically served with fish cakes, boiled egg, vegetables and mixed together in a heavy broth that is usually mild or spicy.
 (It is also known to be served alongside Korean sundae, meaning blood sausage which is another popular street food in Korea)
  • There are a good amount of variants to choose from when it comes to Topokki, some include but are not limited to -

Gungmul, served in a soup form
Korean style curry flavor
Jajang, which is with sweet bean paste
In a cream sauce inspired by Carbonara
Rose, inspired and similar to rose pasta
Cheese, meaning cheese would be melted on top of the dish or mixed in

 Tteokbokki/ Topokki Today:

  • From a royal court dish to a popular street food choice, Topokki today has become a staple in Korean culture and traditional recipes.
  • Anyone is able to enjoy this delicious and spicy dish either from a food vendor in Korea, your local Asian market or at home with easy and instant  cups and packs to make in your own way!
  • It has even begun to gain recognition and popularity worldwide as a whole. With Korean dramas, such as Squid Games, becoming popular to Western audiences, many people are beginning to show more interest in Korean dishes such as Topokki. It even is shown in the Harry Potter game, Hogwarts Mystery, as an unlockable and learnable recipe!

However you recognize or know about Topokki or even if it’s your first time hearing about it, you can’t deny its history in Korean culture or how it has become a sensational item internationally. Whichever flavor or recipe you choose to have, we are sure you will love Topokki as much as we do!

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