Korean Italy Towel

Korean Italy Towel

The Korean spa scrub towel or mitt which has been inexplicably called “Korean Italy Towel” is the essential kit for having Korean style exfoliating spa. It is basically made of 100% viscose that is abrasive like sandpaper. It is the cheapest and the best kit to remove the dead skin off your body and to render your skin baby soft after getting treatment.


If you’re first time having Korean Style exfoliating spa, there are few tips to consider


  1. Take a quick shower with soap first and soak your body as long as you can to soften your skin before scrubbing skin
  2. Wet the mitt or towel and fit it tightly over your hand then scrub in one direction with long strokes. Do not scrub circle directions.
  3. Exfoliate your body once a week.

I love my spa Scrub Glove Red


I love my spa Scrub Glove Green

I love my spa Scrub Tower Long Red

I love my spa Scrub Tower Long Green


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