Korean Detox Juice

In this video I am going to show you how to make a very popular Korean detox drink. Koreans have been claiming that it cures them of all sorts of health problems, both physically and emotionally. Healthy body, healthy mind sort of thing. ;)

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Korean Detox Juice 해독주스 | DIANE COOKS

The original detox recipe did not call for beets, but after serving it to children and taking note of their dissatisfaction with the color of the drink, beets have been added as an optional ingredient to help improve the appearance of the drink.

It has been aired on television countless times with people stepping forward and sharing their stories of how this drink changed their lives.

One girl, who loved to snack on chips and processed foods, and always had an attitude with her mother promised her doctor she would drink this every day if her mother would let her eat all of the salty and sweet snacks she wanted. A month in, she started to wean off of her processed snacks, thinking they tasted bad, and actually started to crave this drink instead. Through this beverage she admitted to a much calmer temperament, less desire to snack on processed foods, and loss of weight. This is just one story of many individuals that have stepped forward in support of this detox drink.

The ingredients:
1 tomato
1/4 cabbage head
2-4 carrot
1 broccoli head
1  banana
1 apple
*beets (optional)

You should try to include this drink in your daily diet, and be persistent with drinking it to see full results.

Hope you enjoy it!!! ^^

by Diane Sooyeon Kang




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