It's Tuna O'Clock!

It's Tuna O'Clock!

Did you know that seafood as a whole is a very versatile food? Especially when it comes to tuna. Fresh or canned, tuna holds many nutrients that are necessary for overall body health. And there are so many ways you can use tuna for different meals throughout the day so you can always get your daily intake of it one way or another!

Here we will explore a few of the many different health benefits of tuna and even give you some ideas (and recipes!) so you can get your daily intake of this tasty seafood.

Health Benefits:

  • Contains high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids which can help reduce the levels of Omega - 6 fatty acids and LDL Cholesterol. This can help to reduce the risk of heart attacks.
  • It is a lean meat. Meaning it is high in protein but low in calories, so you feel fuller for much longer. 
  • A great source of Vitamin D which is necessary for strengthening your bones and the immune system. Did you know that just 3 ounces of canned tuna can contain as much as 50% of the recommended Vitamin D level in the average person?
  • Tuna is also rich in other nutrients such as Vitamin B6, Potassium, Iodine and Iron!

How Can You Incorporate Tuna in Your Everyday Diet? 

  • Use tuna in your favorite potato salad recipe for a source of protein or even replace the potato for the tuna alone to make a delicious tuna salad.
  • A personal favorite of ours is using tuna flakes in soups like Udon for the nutrients and flavor.

See our Udon Noodle Recipe for a step by step guide here!
  • You can make it a midday snack by simply adding salt, pepper, vinegar and lime juice. Pair with some soda crackers to satisfy those savory cravings.
  • We even recently posted a recipe on how to make classic Korean tuna pancake (Chamchijeon) that pairs perfectly with a main rice dish. It’s an easy recipe and the perfect comfort food for gloomy weather.

See the full Korean Tuna Pancake recipe here!

We hope you'll try these tasty tuna recipes or that we've inspired you to create your own tuna masterpiece. And maybe you even learned a new thing or two about tuna you probably never considered before!

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