I see, You see, Seaweed!

I see, You see, Seaweed!

Seaweed has become something of a celebrity in vegan and vegetarian communities. Its more than the fact they are organic and a replacement for common carbs. There are also many benefits to seaweed that you may not know about.

Here are a few of the health benefits of seaweed and how you can incorporate it into your daily meals and snacks!

Weight loss

Seaweed is a high in fiber food that helps you stay fuller for longer. Many people use it as a snack because it helps you stay satisfied with a small amount. And with such a small amount of calories per serving its no wonder people tend to grab of these instead of chips.











Compliments many dishes

Seaweed is a very traditional ingredient and part of many Asian recipes. In fact you can see many examples of seaweed in meals such as ramen, sushi and onigiri. It is even sold as condiment for seasoning your food. It is such a big part of Asian culture, which is why we carry so many different kinds of it!











May support thyroid and gut health

Seaweed is high in Iodine, a necessary nutrient that regulates the thyroid gland. This in turn helps you maintain your metabolism and cellular repair. And since seaweed is high in fibers like prebiotic fiber, it helps regulate your glucose, insulin levels and support your immune system's overall health. This of course does vary on which seaweed you consume, but this particular benefit is found in wakame, kombu and nori.






 We hope you have learned something new about seaweed! And if you would like to see our seaweed products click Here!


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