How to Make Squash Porridge

In this video, I'm going to show you how to make hobakjuk 호박죽 also known as squash porridge. It is SUCH an easy recipe, there is no reason you shouldn't try it at home! It’s such a healthy, simple fall recipe that really requires minimal ingredients and steps, and will warm you right up.

1 kabocha squash
2/3 cup rice flour
4 T honey powder (or sweetner)

1. After washing the squash well, add the squash to a shallow pool of water
2. Cook on medium to medium low heat until fully cooked (check with knife/chopstick test!)
3. Cut the fully cooked squash in half, scoop the seeds out, and peel the skin
4. After the seeds and peels are removed, add the squash to a blender
5. Add water so it covers approximately three quarters of the squash. If you’re unsure, add less and slowly add more. The consistency be slightly thick and soupy consistency that falls easily off the spoon.
6. Once the consistency is right, add two thirds of a cup of glutinous rice flour to the blender
7. Blend it until the white flour is completely dissolved
8. Add the blended squash and glutinous rice flour mixture to a pot.
9. Turn the heat on and continually stir the soup while cooking it on medium heat
10. Add 4 tablespoons of sweetener, I added honey powder but you could add regular honey, sugar or agave.
11. Optional step: top with pine nuts or add mochi balls
12. Enjoy!

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