Do You Know about Pororo?

Do You Know about Pororo?
By AsianMart Team March 3, 2022


Pororo the Little Penguin is a Korean computer animated show created by Iconix Entertainment Co. LTD, a company stationed in Seoul, South Korea. This company is also known for many other popular animation projects such as Tayo the Little Bus, Flowering Heart and Tai Chi Chasers!
The series revolves around the adventures of Pororo and his friends who live in the snowy village of Porong Porong Forest, who often encounter challenges and learn practical and moral lessons in each episode.

The show debuted in 2003 targeting an audience of young kids between the ages of 4-7 but it has grown to have an audience of many different age groups from young to adults who grew up with the show. The series itself ended recently in 2021 and totalled a whopping 286+ episodes! It also has had a total of 7 films, 5 spin offs and a Netflix animation short.


Timeline of Airing/ Awards:

  • In  the late 2000’s, the show aired in the USA dubbed in Spanish on the channel V-Me.
  • In 2010 it was then aired on NPO in the Netherlands. And on MiniMini+ in Poland.
  • And in 2015 it was broadcasted to Brazil on TV Culture and on Rai 2 in Italy.
  • In 2007, Pororo received numerous awards from the South Korean government, including the award by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. 
  • In 2010, Pororo got the President's award for best animation characters. In 2014, Pororo got the award for Creative Brands. 
  • In 2015, Pororo was chosen as the mascot for mass transportation in Seoul.
  • The character itself has been known to be the “Children’s President.”


Pororo Popularity Today:

Today, it is still very clear to see the popularity of the character and it’s show. 
In 2016 Pororo had its first indoor theme park opened in Korea. And now there are locations almost all over Korea and overseas locations such as China, Singapore, Philippines and Saipan.

The indoor parks have traditional play gyms, slides, and ball pits. They also have a house to explore, rides, and pretend play areas. And fans of the show get to meet the friendly characters from Pororo's world as well!

The mascot is put onto almost every kind of product you can imagine. Korean Air, Korea’s #1 airline even sold plushies, a coloring book and doodle book for kids. 

The products can range from but are not limited to: Bags, stationary, bandaids, toothbrushes, dishes, clothing and much more! We also carry a good amount of Pororo products ourselves. 
Korean Air, Korea’s #1 airline even sold plushies, a coloring book and doodle book for kids. 

Even if you aren’t a fan of the show, you can’t deny it’s immense popularity in Asian and worldwide culture. The cute little penguin will find a way into your heart one way or another. And we hope you’ve learned something new today!

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