Crazy for Curry!

Crazy for Curry!
By AsianMart Team October 25, 2021

Curry is a dish that is widely renowned in most, if not all of Asian cultures. Here are some of our favorite facts about curry that you may not know about!

History and Culture

  • As of today, no one can really pin point exactly when curry was invented or started, but its been traced back to 2500 BCE from Mohenjo-Doro, Pakistan.
  • Curry is such a widely used food in the world that there is no specific amount of curry. There are just too many combinations and varieties to count!
  • The recipes that are most popular among parts of Asia can either be very similar or very different. For example, in most countries curry is known to be a spicy dish. But in another country like Japan, the curry is made in a more mild manner so it is not as spicy as most other variants.
  • There is a common misconception that curry is a single spice when really, curry powder is a mixture of many spices, some of the main spices being ginger, turmeric, coriander, cumin and onion. But this is only 1 of many recipes for curry.

Health and Benefits

  • Studies have found that people who consume curry powder are less likely to have high blood pressure due to the high amount of turmeric used, it is also very helpful with lowering cholesterol.
  • The turmeric and ginger are also great for over all digestive health because it improves stomach circulation almost immediately after a meal.
  • And it can also can play a part in helping upset stomachs and indigestion. Thus curry is one of the go to's that people in Asia will use for stomachaches.
  • Just remember that curry is a high sodium food, which is why it is often paired with rice to balance out the sodium intake in the powder/ sauces. 

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